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Comic snik pik no.2
Oh, what is that? What is happening? Is that a comic?

Damn right it is. Well..., will be. Hopefully soon :D
Comic snik pik no.1
Oh, what is that? What is happening? Is that a comic?

Damn right it is. Well..., will be. Hopefully soon :D
Hopefully I will finish the things I am working on soon and I might open commissions again in a month or two. Wish me luck.
Tagged by :iconpersian-pirate:
Aaalright, challenge accepted :D

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person must share 13 things about them
3. Answer the 13 questions the tagger gave you and then invent 13 of your own
4. You must legitimately tag 13 people 
5. Tagbacks are allowed!
6. You must make a journal entry

1. Are you obsessed with something right now?
You have no idea...
Well, yes, I am - obviously :D I am simply not sure where to start. If I skip all the book and TV characters (my usual obsessions), I cannot stop thinking about my summer field trip to Papua New Guinea and about the comic I am trying to make (teehee, spoilers :D ). Also, I have a small obsession with Doctor Who. But man, It is bigger on the inside :D (Nope, could not resist)

2. What is the silliest way you express your affection to someone/something?
I have always had trouble expressing affection. I just become all awkward and..., nah, I prefer to keep my feelings nicely stored and hidden inside my rotten soul. 

3. What mythical pet would you have as your companion?
Mythical? Does it have to be mythical? I totally need a hagfish :D 
Or better: I need to become one.

4. In previous life, you were probably...
A really good person, some kind of saint maybe. Because man, I am amazing in this life and I must have done something really cool to deserve that.

5. In the next life you're going to be...
Queen of Hell. Balance must be preserved.
Or a hagfish. Hagfish would do.

6. If you were a drink, you would be... (Coffee, Bailey's, etc...) 
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Obviously.

7. If you were a gem, you would be... (moonstone, opal...)
The kind that lies on the way and you run into it and break your little toe. Or maybe an onyx stone. Which is black. Just like my rotten soul.

8. What is the weirdest ice cream flavour you've ever tasted, or which do you imagine it would be?
I have never tasted any weird ice cream flavour - yet, as I hope - but I totally want to taste bacon-flavoured ice cream. 

9. As a pirate, you'd be famous because of... (think of something characteristic: weapon, booty, travelling to places noone's been to yet...) - add your pirate nickname! XD
I would be probably famous for drowning or something silly like that. Also, I would be Finnish and I would say perkele a lot. And my pirate name would be Stormageddon, Dark lord of..., well, here we go with the Doctor Who obsession again :D

10. If a genie granted you three wishes, what would you wish for?
First, I would wish for something totally selfish. Having superpowers would be nice.
Second, I would wish for something for everyone. If people could pull their heads out of their asses and use them for actual thinking, if would help everyone and I like to think that the world would become a much better place.
Third, I would ask the genie what he/ she wishes for. After all the hard work (especially with the second wish), he/ she would deserve some reward, right?
Or, which is much more probable, I would spend the rest of my life thinking about three perfect wishes. Lame.

11. Which colours do you like the most?
I love all of the colours. It depends, however, where I see them. Brown? Boring. Dark brown eyes of hot British man with irresistible body? Oh, God, yes please. 

12. Which historic era is the most interesting for you?
Ancient civilizations! Medieval times! Napoleonic wars! 

13. Which Hogwarts house do you think is definitely not the right one for you and why?
No idea. I like to think I would go to Hufflepuff, but I also think I have a bit of every Hogwarts house. So no clear answer here, sorry.

And there are my questions. Please, do not expect anything clever :D
1. Which Ilvermorny house do you think fits you the best?
2. If you had only one week of your life left, what would you do?
3. What superpower would you like to have?
4. If you had the chance to visit one imaginary world/ meet one imaginary character, which world/ character would you choose?
5. Which Pokémon team do you belong to (Mystic/ Valor/ Instinct)?
6. Do you have some typical "art music" - something you like to listen to while drawing or painting? What music is that?
7. What is your guilty pleasure? :D
8. What is your spirit animal?
9. If you had to tag three artists here on DA you like, but who (according to you) deserve more attention, who would you choose?
10. Marvel or DC?
11. Is there something you cannot do (or you think you can´t) and you would like to learn it?
12. What is your favourite place for drawing/ painting?
13. What is your favourite joke? :)

Thirteen people? I guess you will have to use your imagination here, sorry :D 
Tagging: :iconmokee-cz: :iconaishila: :iconbrissinge: :icondarkafi4: :icondraggy-night-dragon: :iconffey: :iconkayrea: :iconsamantha-dragon: :iconxrashana: :icongrees19: :iconpersian-pirate: (not even sorry :P )
Hopefully I will finish the things I am working on soon and I might open commissions again in a month or two. Wish me luck.



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Czech Republic

I have like a ton of things to do, but I feel like drawing some Pokémon today. Ideas? 

15 deviants said Oh, yes! Excellent idea! (comment with one Pokémon I should draw)
1 deviant said Nope. Your art is ugly and you are ugly.


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Oh wow thank you so much for the watch! You're comic sketches look amazing!
You have very beautiful clean lines and nice line weights!
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Oh, pleasure is mine :)
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